Instantly TRIPLE your next AMCO cash out

AMCO (accelerated matured cash outs) were launched just a few months ago, by popular demand, to help you cash out some of your profits faster.

Now, I have two bits of news relating to AMCO cash outs:
1.  As we mentioned recently, the total pool of AMCO cash outs doubled from one month to the next (2 months ago) and then went up by another 50% (last month).
Now -- thanks to another record revenue month -- the AMCO cash out pool has grown by another 50%!
Thanks for your hard work, everyone, in continuing to build up the empowr economy!

2.  When AMCOs were first launched, we were told that -- all else being equal -- the amount of your AMCO cash out would be greater if you had chosen the Silver Daily Earnings package -- and even greater if you have chosen the Gold or Platinum Daily Earnings packages.
Well, it turns out that since the program was so new, the empowr algorithms were treating all citizens (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) almost equal in regards to their AMCO potential, to give everyone a chance to get acquainted with the new cash out approach and earning options.
In other words, an AMCO cash out for a citizen that had chosen the Bronze Daily Earnings option would be almost the same as a Gold or Platinum citizen (if they had exactly the same factors including the same number of Daily Goals hit, Power Level and dollar amount and quality completed sales).

Triple your next AMCO
Given that we’ve all now had time to get accustomed with the new AMCO approach, I’ve been informed by our head of engineering that the AMCO algorithms have been updated to automatically double for Silver citizens, and automatically Triple for Gold and Platinum citizens.  
*** This will take effect immediately and will apply to the very next AMCO cash out.***
Based on the above improvements, of course you’re free to choose whether to upgrade to Silver or higher, but my strong recommendation is to choose the Silver, Gold or Platinum Daily Earnings package before the end of this month to ensure you maximize the size of your AMCO.
Again, it’s your right to choose, of course, but if you are expecting an AMCO of $10 or more, this will obviously instantly pay for itself, both in terms of greater daily earnings but also in terms of a double or triple-sized AMCO.
That is, it should end up paying for itself (and then some) in just a matter of days.

Please pay very close attention
Please note that because the size of AMCOs for Silver, Gold and Platinum members will be doubling and tripling…
 … and because all the AMCO funds are coming from the same limited pool of funds…
… this means that Bronze members might notice a sharp decrease in the size of their AMCOs…
… if they had accomplished the same exact number of Daily Goals and acheived the same marketplace results as last month.

Does this make sense?
To use an example, if four (4) of us were splitting a large pizza, and all of a sudden you were told that your share would double or triple, that would mean that the remaining people would all get a smaller share of that pizza. The is because the size of the pizza is fixed and hasn’t changed; only some people are being given larger shares.
And if you remember, the reason it was originally decided that the Silver, Gold and Platinum citizens should get larger shares, is because they are contributing more to the empowr economy, via the monthly subscription price for those Daily Earnings options.
Of course the decision to upgrade to Silver, Gold or Platinum is totally yours to make.

And that’s it.
I hope everyone is paying very close attention here because you have exactly three (3) days to ensure your Daily Earnings option is set to where you want it to be, to affect the size of your AMCO cash out.
Getting yourself to Gold or Platinum is the very best and easiest thing you can do to instantly:
·         Significantly increase your daily earnings from posting
·         Significantly increase your shopping capability
·         Get significantly more bonus shares, lists, bids and posts
·         And now, automatically triple the size of your AMCO cash out

If you choose to select Silver, Gold or Platinum, simply look for the slider at the top of every empowr profile and email: 

Any questions? We’re here for you!
Stay tuned for some very, very exciting announcements coming up in January, including:
·         New ways to earn
·         New ways to accelerate your cash outs (new AMCO types), and
·         New product feature releases!

Your empowr president
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