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Japanese candlestick charts are the alpha and omega of trading using technical analysis. If you know candles you can find Tops and bottoms in the market. If you know candles you can find entry and exit levels. In this webinar we will explain the rudimentary concepts of candlestick charts and how they can be used for successful trading in the forex markets.

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TRADEPEDIA consists of 3 different divisions and personalities who operate totally separate while at the same time, the final offered service and product is the outcome of their long and fully integrated cooperation.

Certified Trainers

We’ve trained more than 20.000 traders over the last 3 years internationally both through webinars and seminars across 3 continents in cooperation with some of the worlds leading banking corporations and financial institutions.

Certified Traders

We worked professionally for Banking and other financial Institutions for many years. We’ve run Private Dealing Rooms for a long time, in Cyprus and the Middle East.

Highly Trained Software Developers

We worked in the international financial sector for many years. We’ve developed many automated algorithmic trading tools for our clients making their trading life easier. 
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