Earn Free Some LiteCoin Every Hourly: Its proven i got payment from this site

We're giving you some Litecoins

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We're a Litecoin faucet. This means we give you LTCs completely for free! Are you new in Cryptocurrencies world? This is a great opportunity to get your very first crypto-coins and learn how to use them.
Remember we're just a Game. We won't replace your current main income source. You also won't earn millions here
(in fact, it's still possible. Who remembers how much was the Bitcoin worth 2 years ago? ;-).


1. You can win LTC in "Freeplay" game each hour!

2. Refer your friends, achieve a LITECOIN EXPERT rank and multiply your prizes!

3. Visit us everyday in case you have been drawn in "Daily winners" game

4. You may have only one account at time

5. Payments are send after requested
(min. once a week)

6. The game is provably fair!

Any questions? Get in touch with us via contact@ltc4you.com!

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Proof Of payment:


  Proof of Payment: 

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