Without any Invest start trade Forex in real account

Multilevel (3-tier) program

Become a Forex4you affiliate and start earning money today! On average, sites with over 1,000 daily visits make more than $1,000 per month; we pay out over $500,000 a month to our foreign exchange affiliates. When partner passes to a higher level of cooperation (Representative, Premium Representative, VIP Representative), partner will be moved to one level partner program, multilevel program will be turned off.

How it works

  • You sign up and put a unique Forex4you banner or text link on your site
  • A client clicks on your banner and signs up
  • You get 1/2 of the spread on their forex orders – up to $500 per order and $10,000 per client
  • A partner clicks your link and signs up – you get 1/6 of the spread from their clients
  • That partner signs up a partner – you get 1/18 of the spread from that partner’s clients

An example

  • You sign up a client. They buy two lots of EUR/USD at minus 30 pips and sell three lots of GBP/USD at plus 40 pips. You get $20 for the first forex order and $45.00 for the second - for a total of $65.00.
  • You sign up a partner. They sign up a client who makes the same trades. You get $21.67.
  • Your partner signs up a partner. That partner signs up a client who makes the same trades. You get $7.22.
That’s the power of our multi-tier program.


  • Earn commission from your partners and their partners
  • Easy registration with no need to invest money
  • Up to $500 commission per order and $10,000 per client
  • No time limit on client and partner sign-up after initial click through
  • Forex commission is paid in hourly batches
  • Withdraw forex commission the day after it’s earned
  • Track visitor click throughs and get emails when new forex clients register
  • Monitor existing forex client activity in real-time
  • Your partner account can be used for forex trading
  • Choice of banners
  • Access your statistics in the Partner Room
  • Calculate potential earning for the client using partner commission calculator
Have questions? Contact our Customer Support through the Trader Room or by phone +442071939932. We’ll be glad to help.
In your account history you’ll see orders like this: C:LTA:43083669:44074011:2110. This contains five pieces of information, each separated by a colon (:). Here is what each piece of information means, in the order they appear:
  1. Commission identifier
  2. Partnership scheme identifier
  3. Number of the first order included in this batch
  4. Number of the last order included in this batch
  5. Total number of orders in the batch
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