How to Get More More free Traffic to your Frame Breaking Sites

Get More More Traffic to Frame Breaking Sites

One day i stumbled over The first thing that came to my mind..”Aah.. another traffic exchange”. Then i read through their content, getting 2 visits per site.This was  new and that too on autosurf. “Hmmm.. interesting”. The next item that captured my attention was “Get free hits” now that was surprising.. i’ve always got less than what i earned on other traffic exchanges. Now on to next one… get hits to framebreaking sites…this is it. Not wasting a second, i registered. Now i get hits to all sites. They also have tie up with 180 traffic exchanges which opens the door to advertise to millions of users. You can even earn cash  by converting points to dollars.
I have been exploring tons of traffic exchanges since past one year. Some are really bad and some don’t meet my requirement.Loaded with features which are of not much use and false hits i ended up spending hours on the net without a good ROI.
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If i have to summarize the 2 best things of the site…
1) Free hits… Add  their code to your site and earn 20%-80% credits of impressions generated on their ad. The percentage varies based on the total number of hits generated.
2) Best customer support… the admin is very professional and responses are very quick. Though i didn’t have much complaints but whenever i had it  was dealt quickly,positively and in an empathize way.
This site truley rocks… Join now through this link click here ( )

How it Works?

Your can earn unlimited cash by converting your credits to dollars. we offer an eCPM between $0.05-$0.10, i.e for a sale of 1000 points you will receive $0.05-$0.10. When you reach a minimum of $5 you can request a  cashout and money will be transfered to your paypal account.

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