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REGULARITY is the KEY of this business. You must have to be regular for Earn Money

* Yahoo/Google account for easy use: Open a fresh yahoo/Google account. (It is Optional) Alertpay (Main) account opening:

* Click here

* Click on Sign up (Upper middle part of the page)

* Select the Country (Middle of the page)

* Click on Get Started (Personal Starter)

* Fill up the page Fill up with your yahoo account (but u can use any password here)

Now they will send you 2 e mails but you need the 1st email only. Open your e mail inbox & click the link they have sent you which will open another window & will offer you to enter a code no 2 times for extra protection. Input any number Ex: 4550 or 1234 etc but remember-you have to preserve it for future use. Now your ALERT PAY account is Ready (always remember Email address & password that you used for this account). After creatingyour account 1st time, u will go then login to open your account (KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL-All your money will come here as it?s like your bank) Some Valuable links: Now I am giving you some valuable links that will give you money. You have to click on each (NOT at a time) or copy from here & pest on internet explorer/Mozilla firefox/Opera. After opening the page, click on Register then fill up little info which will take maximum 1 minute for each link (Only for the 1st time) -







Short Registration of each links (above): * You have to choose an ID (any)
* Give a password (any) You can keep the ID & the Password SAME for all links which will make your work easy. (But if they show any error, use different ID & Pass but MUST keep the ALERTPAY account same b coz ur money will ultimately transfer here)

* Country dose not matter. You can use Australia or US if there is no Bangladesh. Because they will transfer money (ONLY after earning more than 10$) to your ALERTPAY account where you filled up ur detail address.

* Fill up all e mail address with that fresh yahoo that u created 1st & used to open alertpay account (MUST GIVE UR ALERTPAY email address)

* Click on I Agree button. * Write verification code * Ok After successful registration, login with that ID & the Password to enter inside.

Earn Now: Now click on Surf Ads. It will show u 10-15 ads link. Now just click each ad & wait till they count 30-0 & show a green colored right sign. Now close the window. (u earned US$ 0.01 by this) Then click another ad & wait 30 seconds?.

You can see your status & earning of each link through My stats. But most link will send money to your alertpay account after you earn minimum 5$ to 10$. If you can send your links (as I sent you) to your friends & they clicks on ads-you will be relax to get 0.01$ for each friends each ad hit which may give u LOT $ in a very short time. ** You can use each ad only 1 time each day. (You should open & login each link with that same ID & Password for every day)

** You cant open 2 ad of same link at a time (But enjoy 2-3 ad same time after login 2 or 3 links at a time ) So, try to send this instruction page & valuable links & to your active friends & build a strong network to earn money from home. Lots of Bangladeshi people are earning through it especially in Dhaka.

*** BUT YOU & YOUR ACTIVE FRIENDS must sit at least for 1 hour per day (minimum 20 days/month) to earn smart money. REGULARITY is the key of this business.
Any Query ??? mail me ...
OR call me @ +8801912901068/+8801713110483


**** 2 person NEVER SHARE 1 computer for this. Both accounts will be deleted.

*** Alertpay is sending money through bank check for Bangladeshi people & they will launch debit card on September 2008 in Bangladesh. They are transferring earned money directly to bank account in 54 countries like Australia,USA,UK etc.
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