3 Ways to Make Money:

What is the TheAdsTEAM Academy?

Laptop Lifestyle is becoming a reality and everyone wants to know how to learn and earn from this ever growing online marketing Industry. But here comes the problem, internet is full of so much irrelevant, unstructured and confusing stuff that most people just give up. They simply can't understand where to begin from and most of the time are not able to afford all these educational and training courses available out there because unfortunately most of the time these will focus less on teaching and more on up selling. Most of the time people just get confused and give up.
 3 ways to make money

That's where TheAdsTEAM Academy comes in:

We want to make a change in the industry, want to train and guide people on internet marketing and help them realise its potential. We have done all the hard work for you and have provided all information under one roof. Through the help of our Ebooks, video series, Webinars and one to one coaching sessions you would be able to learn all aspects of internet marketing such as Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traffic generation, List Building, Sales Funnels, Team Building and many more topics. We will take you step by step and help you become a pro in Online marketing. Our courses have been designed for both beginners and pros. You can really call TheAdsTEAM Academy your One-stop Learning..

TheAdsTEAM Academy offers you an opportunity to become a part of our affiliate program and start earning by just spreading the word and guiding others to TheAdsTEAM Academy who want to learn about A-Z of Online Marketing.

3 ways to make money

 3 ways to make money

Educational Products:

Educational Level 1

Educational Level 2

Educational Level 3

Educational Level 4

Educational Level 1 (Introduction)

Price: $20.00

Whats Is Included?

Passive Income Online
Introduction to internet Marketing
 Starting your online business
  • Selecting your niche
  • Selling products Online
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Leveraging on Affiliate Programs
  • Striking Joint Venture Deals
  • Making money with Resell Rights
  • Introduction to Mailing list, Newsletter & Autoresponders
  • Introduction to Traffic Generation

 3 ways to make money

Educational Level 2 (Beginer)

Price: $100.00
Level 2: (Beginner)
Web & Social Media Traffic (Basics)
 Killer Traffic Generation Tactics
 Leveraging on Search Engines
Magic of Article Writing
Viral Traffic Effect through Affiliate Programs
Traffic Exchanges
 Pay Per Click programs
 Leveraging on Online Medias
 Video Marketing
 Social Media Videos:
Introduction to Online Marketing (Beginner)
Why Earn Online?
Income Streams Freelancing (Fiverr, Freelancer etc)
Local Marketing
Outsource & Sell Wed Design
Affiliate Marketing
Writing Online
Info Product Creating

 3 ways to make money

Educational Level 3 (Inermediate)

Price: $300.00
Level 3: (Intermediate)
Video Series:

 Need a Website:
Niche Site
Company Site
E commerce
A domain
Web Hosting
WP Setup
Theme Installation
Plugin Installation
Traffic Generation
Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Linked In)
Piad Ads
Youtube Marketing
Video Ads
Engaging Videos
Traffic Exchange
Press release & Article Marketing
PPC- Adwords
 3 ways to make money

Educational Level 4 (advance)

Price : $600.00
Video Series:
Monetisation (Advanced)
Affiliate Marketing
Niche Marketing
PPC, Facebook Ads, Affiliate/CPA
Selling Banner Ads
List building
Writing Reviews
Drop Ship Amazon, Ali express
Traffic Generation with Facebook Ads + Social Media & Selling Services
Recruiting Affiliates
Info Product Creation
How to Create e-books, videos, audios
Landing Page & Website
Landing Page vs Complete Site
Basics to Good Copywriting
Key Points Creating a Page that Converts
Sales Funnels
- What is a sales funnel
- Planning your sales funnel
- Upsell & Downsell
- Banners
- Landing Pages
- Sales Pages
- Sales Funnels
- Autoresponders
Access to our Experts Live Webinars
 3 ways to make money

Instantly TRIPLE your next AMCO cash out

AMCO (accelerated matured cash outs) were launched just a few months ago, by popular demand, to help you cash out some of your profits faster.

Now, I have two bits of news relating to AMCO cash outs:
1.  As we mentioned recently, the total pool of AMCO cash outs doubled from one month to the next (2 months ago) and then went up by another 50% (last month).
Now -- thanks to another record revenue month -- the AMCO cash out pool has grown by another 50%!
Thanks for your hard work, everyone, in continuing to build up the empowr economy!

2.  When AMCOs were first launched, we were told that -- all else being equal -- the amount of your AMCO cash out would be greater if you had chosen the Silver Daily Earnings package -- and even greater if you have chosen the Gold or Platinum Daily Earnings packages.
Well, it turns out that since the program was so new, the empowr algorithms were treating all citizens (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) almost equal in regards to their AMCO potential, to give everyone a chance to get acquainted with the new cash out approach and earning options.
In other words, an AMCO cash out for a citizen that had chosen the Bronze Daily Earnings option would be almost the same as a Gold or Platinum citizen (if they had exactly the same factors including the same number of Daily Goals hit, Power Level and dollar amount and quality completed sales).

Triple your next AMCO
Given that we’ve all now had time to get accustomed with the new AMCO approach, I’ve been informed by our head of engineering that the AMCO algorithms have been updated to automatically double for Silver citizens, and automatically Triple for Gold and Platinum citizens.  
*** This will take effect immediately and will apply to the very next AMCO cash out.***
Based on the above improvements, of course you’re free to choose whether to upgrade to Silver or higher, but my strong recommendation is to choose the Silver, Gold or Platinum Daily Earnings package before the end of this month to ensure you maximize the size of your AMCO.
Again, it’s your right to choose, of course, but if you are expecting an AMCO of $10 or more, this will obviously instantly pay for itself, both in terms of greater daily earnings but also in terms of a double or triple-sized AMCO.
That is, it should end up paying for itself (and then some) in just a matter of days.

Please pay very close attention
Please note that because the size of AMCOs for Silver, Gold and Platinum members will be doubling and tripling…
 … and because all the AMCO funds are coming from the same limited pool of funds…
… this means that Bronze members might notice a sharp decrease in the size of their AMCOs…
… if they had accomplished the same exact number of Daily Goals and acheived the same marketplace results as last month.

Does this make sense?
To use an example, if four (4) of us were splitting a large pizza, and all of a sudden you were told that your share would double or triple, that would mean that the remaining people would all get a smaller share of that pizza. The is because the size of the pizza is fixed and hasn’t changed; only some people are being given larger shares.
And if you remember, the reason it was originally decided that the Silver, Gold and Platinum citizens should get larger shares, is because they are contributing more to the empowr economy, via the monthly subscription price for those Daily Earnings options.
Of course the decision to upgrade to Silver, Gold or Platinum is totally yours to make.

And that’s it.
I hope everyone is paying very close attention here because you have exactly three (3) days to ensure your Daily Earnings option is set to where you want it to be, to affect the size of your AMCO cash out.
Getting yourself to Gold or Platinum is the very best and easiest thing you can do to instantly:
·         Significantly increase your daily earnings from posting
·         Significantly increase your shopping capability
·         Get significantly more bonus shares, lists, bids and posts
·         And now, automatically triple the size of your AMCO cash out

If you choose to select Silver, Gold or Platinum, simply look for the slider at the top of every empowr profile and email: 

Any questions? We’re here for you!
Stay tuned for some very, very exciting announcements coming up in January, including:
·         New ways to earn
·         New ways to accelerate your cash outs (new AMCO types), and
·         New product feature releases!

Your empowr president

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What is MicroMining?

MicroMining - a revolution in the world of mining cryptocurrency. By combining the power of computers of our users - we mine cryptocurrency.

Do I need to invest money?

No, we don’t take investment, we only pay to you. So you risk nothing.

What I need to start earning?

It's simple - you need to have a computer, and install our software. Also, you need to have Bitcoin Wallet.

What will my computer do?

Your computer will mine Bitcoin for you.

How much will I earn?

It all depends on your computer power. We forecast that the amount will be 5000 - 200 000 Satoshi day.

What is unconfirmed balance?

You have wait around 1 hour while unconfirmed balance will be moved to main balance

Can I earn more?

Yes, you can earn more. Our affiliate program enables partners to engage with their earn income.

What Referral commission?

Referral fee is 40%

Can I use more computers?

Yes, you can use many computers.

When payments occur?

Payments will be made immediately once you reach the minimum amount for withdrawal.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

The minimum amount for withdrawal of 10 000 Satoshi. The exception is the first output of 15000 Satoshi, just as we will give you a welcome bonus of 5000 Satoshi.

How to install software?

To install software follow the instructions.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

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Once you sign up and provide your email address and your bitcoin addres, all your earnings will accumulate in your account. Once you reach 1000 satoshi you may withdraw the funds on-demand. You will need to confirm your withdrawal through email.
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Publishing Network

Bitcoin Publishing - Made SIMPLE! Autto Net has quickly become one of the fastest growing ad networks in the industry. Top brands to local advertisers as well as large to niche publishers rely on us to deliver high-performing advertising solutions that achieve profitable, long-term results
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Advertising Network

Bitcoin Advertising - Made SIMPLE! Autto Net has quickly become one of the fastest growing ad networks in the industry. Top brands to local advertisers as well as large to niche publishers rely on us to deliver high-performing advertising solutions that achieve profitable, long-term results
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MyPayingCryptoAds-MPCA Prelaunch Review

From the pioneers of Revshare Industry MypayingCryptoAds:

Her comes one more legit revshare from the desk of Uday Nara. you all know how MPA changed the life's of many people who are now comfortably earning easy money online along with advetising and getting rewards. MyPayingAds has beenthe industry gold standard since March 2015.

Each Yer Google. Facebook, YouTube and many other make billions of dollars in Advertising Fees on our expense. Every time your spend a moment from your quality time to click on an advertisement on their website they make money!

Now MyPayingCryptoAds, It's a first kind of revshare which is only going with Cryptocurrency. For the launchonly bitcoins are allowed for purchasing adpacks. One Adpack Cost 0.005BT(Bitcoin) [You can purchase n number of packs no restrictions]

Why Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency has taken the online world by storm and for good reason. When Bitcoins first came into effect they were valued at a mere 5$ per bitcoin. Fast forward 5 years to 2016 and now they are worth more then 600$ per bitcoin.

Membership Details:

  • No Membership can buy upto 20 adpacks
  • 0.02 BTC/month (explorer); can buy 20-50 adpacks
  • 0.05 BTC/month (professional) can buy 50-100 adpacks
  • 010 BTC/month (elite) can buy 100+ adpacks
  • comment yes for pre-launch startp guidance.

Adpacks earnings withdrawals Limit:

1.0 BTC maximum per day
Minimum withdrawal per day 0.01 BTC
Referral commission withdrawls : Unlimited

Login Ads; Rotating/Static/PPC Banner Ads; Text Ads; Traffic Exchange Ads; Cashlink Ads.

earning opportunity: 

Sign up at MyPayingCryptoAds and experience the world Crypto coins along with advertising and rewards.